About InnoTech

We partner with business stakeholders to unleash the power of the data for new insights, to optimise O2O experience and to scale their digital transformation.

Hong Kong . Shanghai

InnoTech head office locates in Hong Kong as the ASIA hub and Shanghai is the first branch office starting in China.

InnoTech Team

The team in INNOTECH comes from the best of both & Creative and Technology. Our creative team has rich experience working in 4As advertising agencies for big, multi-national brands in the APAC as well as mainland China market. It has the right mix of expertise across traditional media, web design, social, mobile experience, content production and innovation in various O2O environments. And to make every digital concept comes to live, our experienced Tech team orchestra Big Data Analytics, AI & IoT technologies to achieve the optimal outcomes.


Big Data Anayltics

Professional Consulting

Creative Design



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